The Taking wings centre, the building specially dedicated to vocational training, was inaugurated on 18th February 2006. With an area of 1200 m2 divided over two floors, it is shaped in a ‘U’ and organized around a covered central hall. An access ramp allows wheelchair access to the first floor. Beneficiaries from Maison Chance come from the Shelter to the Take Wing Center with our bus or by their own, by wheelchair. Four workshops are offered: sewing, painting, woodwork and IT. A teacher is in charge of each workshop. Offices (Vietnamese and international) are also located in the building.

Painting workshop

Initially designed as an expressive outlet, the painting workshop has taken-off in the last few years and now serves as a true professional project for the beneficiaries, of whom more than half are disabled. The apprentices initially learn basic techniques about drawing and painting. Many of them are today able to carry out graphic design and special painting requests for publicity advertisements, oil paintings, and hand-painted greeting cards, as well as creating their own paintings.

Sewing Workshop

Seamstresses and workshop designers are trained in basic stitching techniques. This knowledge allows them to carry out each stage of production, a great personal satisfaction.

For practical reasons, the sewing machines have been specifically adapted so that they can be activated by using one’s elbow rather than one’s foot.

The beneficiaries are learning more and more techniques in order to respond to new demands: the production of kitchen accessories (household gloves, coasters) and clothing.

IT Workshop

IT is a valuable skill for those whose mobility is particularly limited. Many of them cannot use their hands normally. It is also a point of access to the outside world, thanks to the Internet.

Students learn IT basics, how to use design programs (Photoshop, Adobe illustrator), and how to create a website.

Recently, several graduates from the IT Workshop found a salaried job allowing them to continue working in the taking wing centre.

vocational-training-3 vocational-training-4

Woodcraft Workshop

The woodcraft workshop produces furniture, decorative features for the home and a variety of products for every day usage such as chairs, lamps, jewellery boxes, book shelves, etc.

Apprentice cooks and bakers

Since the opening of Village Chance in 2011, Maison Chance has set up hospitality and bakery/pastry workshop for disadvantaged young people.

Most of young people who had lived on the streets, welcomed by Maison Chance, had been trained outside, found a job, but struggled to keep it. So they always came back in Maison Chance. That’s the reason, the hospitality and bakery workshop has been launched.

Surrounded by professionals who know issues faced by those who have lived on the street, these young people evolve in an adapted and familiar environmental which enables them to focus on learning.

There are 8 apprentice cooks and waiters are in the restaurant, opened 26th September 2012. They serve coffee, fruit juices, cocktails and provide catering.

The four apprentices at the bakery workshop have been trained to bake different kinds of pastries and cakes, baguette-like bread, croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche, biscuits, tarts, ice cream and chocolate…

Their teacher who also came from a difficult background was able to undertake effective training. He was trained in baking over 6 years in Belgium. He thus came back to Vietnam, with a very good knowledge of the techniques of pastry making and baking and the best products to use, to help young people with difficulties