Maison Chance Restaurant – Delicious cuisine in the highlands of Tay Nguyen

Situated amidst the majestic nature of the Dak Nong Tay Nguyen, Maison Chance is not just a restaurant but also a destination for unique culinary and cultural experiences. Since our opening days in 2019, we have gained trust and high praise from both locals and visitors alike. Committed to quality and dedication, we continuously strive for improvement to provide the most complete meals for our customers.

Maison Chance is not only a place where guests come to enjoy flavors, but also a home of memorable experiences. It serves as a conduit for locals and travelers to connect with the Maison Chance Center in Dak Nong, where non-governmental charitable projects from Maison Chance are born to help those in need with warmth and community support.

Maison Chance stands out with its spacious, airy space, designed to blend with nature and surpass neighboring establishments. It offers an ideal setting for guests to unwind and savor delicious dishes.

Service standards at Maison Chance Restaurant go beyond just quality and taste. Our professional team ensures that every guest is served attentively and wholeheartedly, from refreshing drinks to diverse dishes.

In addition to a rich menu featuring specialties from the Central Highlands and European-Asian fusion dishes, Maison Chance also takes pride in its diverse selection of refreshing drinks sourced from the Highlands region. The quality and attentiveness in every service are the reasons why the restaurant has become an exciting rendezvous point for both locals and international tourists, where they can enjoy happiness, meet, and relax.

In addition to welcoming daily guests, Lucky House is also an ideal venue for organizing special events such as birthday parties, gatherings, year-end parties, or reunions. With a belief in quality, we provide a warm and memorable space for every occasion.

Maison Chance Restaurant is open daily from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Address: Thon Duc Lap, Dak Sor Commune, Krong No District, Dak Nong Province

Please contact us at 02616.509.777 to make a reservation and discover the wonderful ambiance of Maison Chance Restaurant.

Introducing our menu: