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Unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival For the Underprivileged Children

“At Mid-Autumn Festival, I carry my lantern lit around. I carry the lantern around the streets. I feel happy with the lantern in my hands. I dance and sing in the bright full moon’s light.” (the lyrics of a Mid-Autumn Festival song) The familiar tunes were ringing, which was a sign of a comeback of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

For the students at Maison Chance, this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival was so special. They received much attention from benefactors, organizations, and companies all around. Delicious moon cakes, lovely lanterns, and outstanding performances dedicated to the children made their smiles seem never go out.

Maison Chance would like to thank all of the friends, benefactors, organizations, and companies that have accompanied us, who spent their time, love, and efforts to enable our children to live in the Mid-Autumn Festival’s warm atmosphere and have a happy and carefree childhood.

We wish that all children would always be healthy, cheerful, and their smiles will be as bright as the autumn’s full moon.

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