Double room at Nha Dai Hotel in Dak Nong

Phòng đôi Nhà Dài tại Đắk Nông
Phòng đôi Nhà Dài tại Đắk Nông
Phòng đôi Nhà Dài tại Đắk Nông
Phòng đơn Nhà Dài tại Đắk Nông
Phòng đơn Nhà Dài tại Đắk Nông
Phòng bếp Nhà Dài tại Đắk Nông
Price: 18.20 USD/DAY


    The room is for 2 people, which provides tables, chairs, closet and daily necessities. Pets are not allowed in our rooms.

    There are 3 shared bathrooms – There is a shared kitchen area

    Nha May Man rông Nô Guesthouse – Dak Nong
       Shopping center:    Top tourist attractions:    Restaurants & Cafes:
     – Tat Thang Supermarket: 6.4km  – Dray Sap- Dray Nur Waterfall: 300m  – Nha May Man Restaurant
     – Bach Hoa Xanh Supermarket: 5km  – Gia Long Waterfall, Lua Waterfall: 7km  – Riverside Café: 500m
     – Dien May Xanh Supermarket: 6km  – Ea T’Ling Town, Cu Jut: 8km  – Dray Sap Restaurant: 600m
     – Co.op mart Buon Me Thuot: 30km  – Dak Mam Town, Krong No: 11km  – Sen Hong Restaurant: 11km
     – Vincom Plaza: 25km  – Buon Don, Dak Lak: 54km    Public transportation:
       Medical facilities:  – Dak Lak Museum: 25km  – Bus stop: 100m from the city center
     – Krông Nô District Medical Center: 13km  – Troh Bu Botanic Garden, Dak Lak: 25km  – Cu Jut district square: 6km
     – Cư Jút District Medical Center: 7km   – Ko Tam Tourist Site, Dak Lak: 30km  – ATM: 5km
     – Central Highlands General Hospital: 25km  – Dak Lak World Coffee Museum: 29km  – Buon Me Thuot Airport, Dak Lak: 35km
     – Buon Ma Thuot University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital: 32km  – City Center of Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak: 24km  – Phuong Hong Linh bus station (runs across from Nha May Man Guesthouse Dak Nong)
     – Thien Hanh General Hospital: 30km  – Chu Bluk Volcanic Cave Complex: 15km (Nearest Cave)  – Hoang Long bus station (runs across from Nha May Man Guesthouse Dak Nong)
       – Lak Lake, Dak Lak: 69km  
       – Yok Don National Park, Dak Lak: 100km  
       – Ta Dung National Park: 130km  
    Nha May Man guesthouse is located in an area with many delicious and affordable restaurants, a Bach Hoa Xanh supermarket, and especially just a few minutes walk to the famous and majestic waterfall cluster of Dray Sap – Dray Nur – Gia Long.


    Newly furnished and fully equipped living spaces. The room is separate within a longhouse in the clean and airy traditional Ede architecture. Suitable for small families of 2-4 people. Our accommodation services are particularly suitable for people with disabilities (equipped with a showerhead and suitable toilet). If you need a private space, this is the perfect choice for you.

    Maison Chance Social Center : Duc Lap Village, Dak Sôr Commune Krông Nô District, Dak Nong Province


    ☎️ Hot line : (+84) 0909 06 25 28 / (+84) 02616 509 777

    16 square meters Parking lot Bunk bed Bathroom with hot and cold water designed for disabled access Electric fan
    2 people Iron Swimming pool Shared bathroom Refrigerator
    Kettle Umbrella Hair dryer Restaurant Free wifi

    Swimming pool spacious and clean

    Children sleeping with parents/adults: free

    One additional person costs 6.40 $

    Campfire : 29.90 $