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Love from republic polytechnic school of hospitality from Singapore

From March 13th to March 21st, 2018, a group of 3 students and 34 lecturers from Republic Polytechnic School of Hospitality from Singapore had a great week at Maison Chance.

During 8 days, they had visited and learned Maison Chance’s activities. Besides, the group spent time with pupils through cultural exchanges, teaching English, craft and playing sports. The multi-activities connects emotionally students with pupils of Maison Chance, they were closer day by day.

On Saturday morning (17/03/2018), they painted the wall of the school balcony together. This piece of art makes the school more lovely and friendly. Therefore, whenever the pupils see the painting, it reminds them of the group and it also could be a motivation for the pupils to try their best in their lives.

On March 20th , 2018, before farewell, the Culinary teacher cum the Chef of the school cooked Hainam chicken rice and a Singapore dessert for everyone to enjoy.

The group shares this was the first time they visited Maison Chance and they plan to come back. The love from the group to Maison Chance is a motivation for us to contribute more for the community.