18.20 $

Material: Rose Quartz
Weight: 14 grams
Dimensions: 2.5 x 3.5 cm
Craftsman: Nguyen Quoc Dung

Hotline: 0909 06 25 28

The religious gemstone necklace “Jesus” is not just a piece of jewelry, but also a symbol of positive spiritual power and feng shui. This product is not only a piece of adornment but also a religious symbol with profound meaning and spiritual value.

The product is crafted from rose quartz, a rare gemstone carrying the power of love and compassion. Rose quartz is not only aesthetically pleasing with its delicate pink color but also brings transparency and brilliance, making the product shine when exposed to light. Its smooth and clean surface, after careful polishing, creates a sparkling and enchanting effect.

According to feng shui, rose quartz is considered suitable for various elemental energies—metal, wood, water, fire, and earth—bringing luck, health, and romantic relationships to the wearer. With its large size and weight, this necklace also brings stability and durability to the wearer.

The carved image of Jesus on the pendant carries deep religious and sacred connotations. The design, though simple, exudes holiness, closely resembling the image of Jesus in Christianity. The sculpture is not overly detailed but delicately depicts the face and head, creating a solemn and dignified beauty.

What’s particularly special and admirable is that this product is made by people with disabilities at Maison Chance—a humanitarian and optimistic organization. Purchasing this product is not just about owning a beautiful piece of jewelry but also about supporting and encouraging the labor spirit of those in difficult circumstances. This demonstrates respect and a willingness to share, enriching the meaning of the product.

Show your respect and compassion by owning a precious gemstone religious necklace “Jesus.” It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also carries deep spiritual meaning and positive feng shui energy. Additionally, buying this item is an opportunity for you to contribute to the development and support of the disabled community.