Melty Cheese Puffs

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The pastry products are made by young orphans who are currently being nurtured by Maison Chance. We sincerely hope to receive your support!

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Maison Chance’s Cheese Puffs

Irresistible Delicious Flavor

Maison Chance’s cheese puffs are the perfect combination of high-quality ingredients such as flour, butter, milk, eggs, sugar, and cheese. The product is not only attractive with its crispy exterior but also captivates the taste buds with its rich, fragrant cheese filling, accompanied by a slight spicy pepper taste. This is definitely the ideal pastry for all meals and parties.

Exquisite flavor from Maison Chance’s cheese puffs

Each bite of the cheese puff is an exciting experience. The crispy, golden crust, when bitten into, reveals a rich, fragrant cheese filling blended with the gentle sweetness of milk and sugar. A hint of spicy pepper enhances the distinctive flavor, making it hard for you to resist.
A variety of choices

Maison Chance offers many options for customers with different pastry weights:

Size 1: 35 gr/puff
Size 2: 40 gr/puff
Size 3: 55 gr/puff

Support Maison Chance’s cheese puffs

When buying Maison Chance’s Lucky House cheese puffs, you not only enjoy the exquisite taste of the pastry but also contribute to supporting Maison Chance’s charitable activities. Buy now to experience the difference and meaning in each cheese puff.
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35 gr, 40 gr, 55 gr