Pâté Chaud

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The products from our bakery are made by the orphans who were raised by the Maison Chance.

Hotline : 090 906 2528

Ingredients for thirty 7cm diameter Mini Pâté Chaud ; for twenty 10cm diameter Big Pâté Chaud :

+ 1kg ground ( beef or pork depending on the order)

+ 1kg wheat flour

+ 15g salt

+ 500g water

+ unsalted margarine

Some experiences when using :
Pate Chaud is a relatively hard-to-make cake, because the batter of the cake when baked must be peeled layer by layer to meet the requirements. Therefore, it always requires experienced, professional chefs and skillful hands to make the best and most delicious cakes. Pate Chaud cake is a bit hard to make but it makes the chef more excited. This cake is characterized by delicious meat and the aroma of flour.


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