Milk cow

11.10 $

The products handmade by our less fortunate artisans hope to receive the support of our valued customers.


Material: Linen fabric + hand-painted


Hotline: 090 906 2528

Maison Chance proudly presents to you the milk cow product – A handmade and meaningful artistic creation.

The milk cow is entirely handmade from soft linen fabric. The patterns on the product are the result of the meticulous hand-drawing process by Maison Chance’s disabled artists. Each delicate stroke carries the passion and skill of the artists.

This stuffed animal not only brings high aesthetic value to your family living space but also spreads a profound humanitarian message.

By purchasing the stuffed milk cow, you contribute to creating stable employment and income for people with disabilities facing difficulties. This is a significant motivation for them to overcome challenges and thrive in life.

If you are looking for a unique and meaningful decorative item, do not hesitate to contact Maison Chance to order the Linen Milk Cow today.

Price Product Name Size (cm)
$ 7.0 Handwoven Phone Holder Pig 11×15

❤ We sincerely hope to receive your support ❤

❤ All profits from sales will be allocated to support the lives of disabled individuals and orphans here. The remaining portion will continue to sustain the organization’s activities ❤
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