21.10 $

Material: Jadeite
Weight: 10 gr
Dimensions: 2.5 x 3.5 cm
Code: MDCDQ21

Hotline : 0909 06 25 28

The precious stone fish-shaped pendant necklace is not just an ordinary jewelry item but also a symbol of perfect harmony between art and humanitarian significance. Crafted from jadeite, this pendant not only showcases aesthetic beauty in form and material but also embodies profound feng shui values and a special meaning of supporting people with disabilities. Let’s explore this product from various aspects:

The pendant is crafted with extremely balanced and vivid proportions and shape of the fish. The gracefully curved lines give a feeling of the fish swimming naturally. Details such as scales, eyes, and mouth are delicately carved, demonstrating the meticulousness and skill of the craftsmen. It not only represents the fish but also portrays the dynamic beauty of water through the natural veins of the stone.

Jadeite, a rare precious stone, is the primary material of this product. With its characteristic green color, high transparency, and brilliance, jadeite reflects excellent stone quality. The combination of light and dark shades of green creates a captivating effect, drawing the eye. Natural veins and imperfections in the stone further enhance its aesthetic value, adding uniqueness and impressiveness to the product.

Transforming raw stone into an exquisite fish shape requires high craftsmanship skills. The process of grinding, carving each detail demands patience and meticulousness down to each centimeter. The finishing and polishing stages are executed carefully to bring out the most radiant beauty, creating a beautiful and unique artistic masterpiece.

The outstanding feature of this pendant is that it is made by people with disabilities at the Lucky House Workshop. Behind the product is a story of effort and determination to overcome one’s own limitations. They have turned obstacles into sources of creative inspiration, harnessing their talents remarkably. Therefore, this pendant not only shines in terms of artistic value but also radiates a noble humanitarian spirit, affirming the value and class of those who have created it.

The fish-shaped precious stone pendant is not only a beautiful jewelry item but also a symbol of perfection and humanitarian significance. From the precious stone material to the crafting technique, everything is expressed in a delicate and passionate manner. Supporting this product is not just a matter of shopping but also a way to share love and encourage those with special circumstances. Let this pendant be an interesting highlight in your jewelry collection and a worthy support for the disabled community.