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The pastries are made by orphaned youth currently being cared for by Maison Chance. We sincerely hope for your support!

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Discover the Distinct Flavor of Croissant at Maison Chance

Croissant – an icon of European cuisine, has become a favorite choice for many dessert enthusiasts worldwide. And at Maison Chance, we proudly offer our customers Croissants with distinctive flavor and perfect quality.

With main ingredients including flour, butter, milk, sugar, and chocolate, each Croissant at Maison Chance is handmade and delicately crafted from the finest fresh ingredients. The pastries come in three weight options to suit everyone’s needs: 20g, 40g, and 60g. Whether you prefer a light bite for breakfast or crave a larger pastry for lunch, we’ve got you covered.

The flavor of Croissant at Maison Chance is not just a harmonious combination of crispy crust and soft, smooth filling, but also an exquisite blend of the aroma of butter and milk, along with the gentle sweetness of sugar and chocolate. Each bite brings comfort and happiness, making every meal special.

With a commitment to excellent quality and flavor, Maison Chance aims to share its culinary passion with customers. Visit our store and experience the unique flavor of Croissant today. Support Maison Chance’s products and enjoy sweet moments every day!


20 gr, 40 gr, 60 gr