Fashion Bag FBTH04

10.10 $

Products handmade by our less fortunate disabled craftsmen sincerely hope for your support.

Material: Thai Fabric

Code: TH05TX

Dimensions: 25 x 30 cm

Hotline: 0909 06 25 28

If you are in Vietnam, please contact us via the hotline number or our business fanpage Nhà May Mắn for pricing in Vietnam.

The FBTH04 fashion handbag is a special product, crafted by the skilled hands of disabled artisans at Lucky Tailor Shop. Compact in size at 25 x 30 cm with an elegant rectangular design, this handbag not only offers convenience but also showcases a simple yet stylish fashion statement. Made from premium Thai fabric known for its durability and available in a variety of patterns and colors, the FBTH04 handbag is sure to satisfy those who appreciate uniqueness and sophistication.

With its practical size and convenient design, the FBTH04 handbag can be used in various situations:

– For work: The bag has enough space for a phone, wallet, keys, and other essential personal items.

– For outings: Available in vibrant red and blue colors, it easily complements different outfits, from elegant to youthful.

– For travel: Lightweight and durable, it’s easy to carry when you need a compact yet stylish accessory.

The FBTH04 handbag is made from premium Thai fabric, renowned for its durability and excellent sweat absorption. The meticulous and sturdy stitching, along with the soft inner lining, ensures the best protection for your belongings.

Each FBTH04 handbag is a testament to the skill and dedication of disabled artisans at Lucky Tailor Shop. By purchasing this product, you not only own a beautiful fashion accessory but also contribute to supporting job creation and encouraging disabled individuals to overcome challenges and thrive in life.

The FBTH04 handbag comes in various patterns and colors, suitable for different fashion styles. You can easily choose the handbag that best fits your aesthetic taste.

Order the FBTH04 fashion handbag today to experience the difference in quality, style, and the humanitarian value this product brings. Together, we can create a better world where everyone has the opportunity to live and work fairly and proudly.


Red, Black