The Take Wing Center first opened its doors on February 18, 2006, with the intention of providing vocational training and job creation for disabled people. The Center currently offers four training programs, including sewing, painting, stone carving, and IT. Members who join Maison Chance will be enrolled in the vocational training program that best suits their interests and abilities.

Furthermore, the Center has a physical therapy room staffed by physiotherapists who provide physical exercises to beneficiaries on a daily basis to keep them healthy. This will help the disabled in regaining function, maintaining physical ability, and, most importantly, alleviating pain and muscular atrophy. The Center also puts an emphasis on dental care. Every Thursday, a volunteer dentist pays a visit to examine the members’ teeth every Thursday.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, Maison Chance’s administrative and reception offices are located in the Center. This is also where the administrative office of Maison Chance Social Enterprise and the Project Office are situated.