The purpose of all Maison Chance programs is to assist the beneficiaries in regaining their self-confidence and self-control in their daily lives. The disabled often experience psychological shock as a result of an accident that results in physical disabilities; they may suffer feelings of depression, despair, and a sense of being worthless, as well as becoming a burden on their families and society.
Maison Chance assists people in overcoming these emotions by assisting them in finding a new work that is suitable for their circumstances and abilities.

They will be able to work again, reintegrate into society, and live a self-sufficient and independent life as a result of this.
People with disabilities, however, often encounter challenges after leaving Maison Chance since they are unable to locate suitable accommodation for wheelchair users, and the rent is often highly expensive in comparison to their income, particularly in large cities such as Saigon. In response to the aforementioned issue, Maison Chance developed a facility that is both accessible and affordable for wheelchair users.

Village Chance, a complex of schools and apartments for people who use wheelchairs, was founded in 2011. The P-shaped facility covers 3,513m2 and includes a primary school, kindergarten, special needs programs for roughly 220 pupils, a hydrotherapy pool, a bakery, and an in-house restaurant.

More than 40 households with disabled adults, their spouses, and children currently live in the adapted apartment complex (the total population is about 100 people).