The Shelter, the Maison Chance’s initial facility, serves as a home for disabled people, orphans, and underprivileged children as they start their new lives together. The shelter’s members live as one big family, with the disabled person supervision and guiding the children with his or her life experiences, while the children assist the wheelchair users by pushing them around or doing activities that the wheelchair users couldn’t accomplish on their own. The presence of disabled people who act as parents or siblings helps orphans and street children overcome their lack of love and care.

Since its establishment in 1993, beneficiaries have had access to healthcare, education, and accommodation at no cost. The beneficiaries live at the Shelter and attend vocational training at the Take Wing Center, about 1.5 kilometers distant, as well as literacy activities at Village Chance, about 2 kilometers away.

From Monday to Saturday, a 29-seat wheelchair-accessible bus picks up the disabled at 6:40 a.m. and transports them to the Take Wing Center for vocational training before dropping them off at the Shelter in the late afternoon

After completing the vocational training and being able to work and be self-sufficient, the disabled will be reintegrated into society or Village Chance, whichever they prefer. Orphans, like disabled members, will be integrated after finishing college or training and gaining self-sufficiency. The majority of disabled people work at the Take Wing Center after completing their training.

Over the last 28 years, many less fortunate people have entered the Shelter, integrating into society and reshaping their lives to be more purposeful and independent.

No matter where its members go, Maison Chance will always maintain a special place in their hearts. Several orphaned members have decided to work at Maison Chance after finishing their studies and gaining experience, allowing them to contribute their capabilities to assisting those in need and furthering Maison Chance’s mission.