Despite recent strong economic growth, Vietnam remains a developing country, with people’s living standards remaining relatively low, particularly in rural areas. Illiteracy among the disabled and students from low-income families continues to be a challenge. Poor and uneducated people, particularly in rural areas, are forced to beg or work in unhealthy conditions, but they must accept it in order to make ends meet.

We always endeavor to provide a free education system for impoverished children, disabled people who are illiterate, or those who are too elderly to attend public schools under the roof of Maison Chance. The basic curriculum lays the groundwork for the underprivileged to continue their studies or enroll in vocational training courses in order to find work.

Elementary and Kindergarten Classes

In Saigon and Dak Nong province, Maison Chance operates kindergartens and primary schools for impoverished children. The children follow the Ministry of Education and Training’s regular curriculum here. After finishing 5th grade, they can continue their education at a higher level at public schools in the city or in the surrounding area.

From the age of two or older, the majority of Vietnamese children are sent to preschools. Many disabled parents at Maison Chance, on the other hand, find it difficult to bring their children to school, let alone pay tuition. As a result, Maison Chance established a kindergarten to help them, as well as employees’ children and local impoverished children, for a nominal cost, and to care for children as young as six months old.

Every year, Village Chance Primary School welcomes and educates roughly 200 kids in grades 1 through 5 who are living in exceptionally challenging circumstances. They participate in classes from Monday through Saturday with a team of qualified and motivated teachers. In addition to not having to pay tuition, the children receive a free lunch and are provided with materials, learning equipment, and uniforms.

Maison Chance in Dak Nong officially welcomed its first members in August 2018, including ethnic minority primary school pupils and orphans, as well as those from highly disadvantaged backgrounds who cannot afford to attend public schools.

Hundreds of children are being nurtured, cared for, and attending classes under the new Maison Chance Dak Nong roof. The children were able to study all subjects according to the regular curriculum at the school, with the guidance and teaching of teachers and caregivers.

Special Needs Education

Students with physical and intellectual disabilities might participate in regular classes at Village Chance Primary School and Maison Chance Dak Nong if they meet the entry requirements and keep up with their peers. In addition, we have special needs classes adapted to the requirements of the children in Village Chance in Saigon and Maison Chance in Dak Nong. This year, roughly 40 children in Village Chance and Dak Nong are enrolled in special needs classes.


Maison Chance is committed to providing its children with the best possible education. In addition to the official curriculum, the children participate in other beneficial activities such as circus performance, or martial arts courses three times a week

Higher Education

Each year, Maison Chance provides financial assistance to hundreds of students who wish to continue their education in secondary school, high school, university, or vocational training in order to encourage the number of students who have dreams for further education.