Today, education is considered the key to unlocking a bright future. However, many children still lack access to education for various reasons. Poverty and illness prevent these children from living their dreams. Some are forced to work to earn money, to steal, to marry young, and some will not attend school due to their disabilities.

Thanks to donors and the community, Maison Chance is not just a second home for forgotten children, it is also a strong moral support on their educational journey. We always strive to fund schooling for disadvantaged children, illiterate people with disabilities, and those too old to attend public schools.


Maison Chance currently operates two primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City and Đắk Nông province. The students attending these schools come from disadvantaged families in the region, including children without birth certificates or those who have exceeded the age of admission to school.

Students follow the official curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and Training. Upon completing their 5th year, they can continue their education in secondary schools in the city or local area.

Maison Chance’s support goes beyond covering tuition fees and school supplies. It also includes assistance with nutrition and healthcare for the students, allowing them and their families to focus on their studies without worrying about financial difficulties.

Maison Chance also provides daycare services in Ho Chi Minh City for disabled beneficiaries with young children who face challenges in accompanying them to school. This service also reduces their financial burdens. The educational program is designed to promote the optimal development of children from a young age.

Hundreds of children are being nurtured, cared for, and attending classes under the new Maison Chance Dak Nong roof. The children were able to study all subjects according to the regular curriculum at the school, with the guidance and teaching of teachers and caregivers.


Physically and intellectually disabled students face not only numerous challenges in their daily lives but also significant obstacles in integration and access to education.

That’s why our specialized classes focus on creating lessons centered around real-life scenarios to promote the development of children’s intellectual faculties. The courses help children learn to take care of themselves in the present and future, overcome their difficulties, and strengthen their ability to integrate into society, with the aim of leading a meaningful life.

Students who are well integrated into the community can continue their education normally, at the same pace as other students.


In addition to teaching Vietnamese, mathematics, history, and geography, Maison Chance allows students to participate in computer, swimming, foreign language, music, and sports classes. This helps them develop holistically, both emotionally and intellectually.

Children living at Maison Chance, as well as students who are interested, can also take circus classes three times a week. These classes help improve the children’s health and boost their self-confidence. It’s also a professional learning opportunity that can help them find happiness in their daily lives.


Maison Chance supports some students through university level, ensuring that children’s aspirations remain intact despite the challenges of poverty. We provide financial assistance and scholarships to outstanding students, motivating them to pursue further education to achieve their dream careers, improve their income, support their families, and break the cycle of poverty.