The association Maison Chance Switzerland was created in 1996. Resources of the association come from:

  • Membership fees
  • Donations from supporters
  • Benefits from organized events
  • Profits from handicrafts workshops of Maison Chance in Vietnam sold in Switzerland
  • Donations from individuals or legal entities in Switzerland

This funding helped build the Take Wing Center and contributed to the purchase of land where Village Chance was built. Today, it continues to partially finance Maison Chance’s operating costs.

According to its statutes, Maison Chance Switzerland cannot devote more than 10% of all proceeds to its administrative costs. In the recent years, the share of administrative expenditure has remained below 7%.

Maison Chance Switzerland organizes an annual festival (usually in fall) that allows its members and supporters to meet Tim Aline and members of the committee. This festival is now a tradition.

The association also organizes regular gospel concerts, to the benefit of Maison Chance Vietnam. Gospel groups like Jordan Companions, Sisters Evening, Morning Fellows and Gospel Spirits have participated in these events.


First and Last Name: Position: Email:
Duy Vo President
Tao Pham Vice-president
Indira Kithsiri
Werner Loetscher Treasurer
Hoai Bac Pham Secretary
Thanh Thuy Rinquet Committee member
Jean-Baptiste Liu Committee member

Donation by wire transfer

  • Name : Association Maison Chance Suisse
  • Case postale 102,
  • 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Post Account: 17-453245-1
  • IBAN : CH91 0900 0000 1745 3245 1


    Maison Chance Switzerland

    Case postale 102, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland