First and Last Name: Position: Email:
Nguyen Quang Loc President
Luong Viet Trung Vice-president
Nguyen Hien Minh
Tang Tu Secretary


The Association Maison Chance Canada was established in 2008. It carries out functions throughout of Canada and has officials in the cities of Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Its activities have the following aims:

  • Bridge the Vietnamese community in Canada and the organization Maison Chance Vietnam, keeping its members informed
  • Seek monthly or yearly contributions from donators or other groups that want to help Maison Chance
  • Raise funds for new projects

Alongside the fundraising activities, Maison Chance Canada will closely manage activities in Vietnam as stipulated by the Canada revenue agency’s regulations and conditions.

Code of Conduct

The association Maison Chance Canada is:

  • An independent and autonomous organization
  • Guided by humanitarian and ethical vision
  • Without color or political ideology
  • Without religious distinction
  • Respectful to the freedom of choice and freedom of religion for everyone
  • Dedicated to charity work without interest and without conditions as adopted by the association

The association already receives a registration number as a charitable organization under currents laws in Canada, in the following three areas:

  • Fight against poverty
  • Service related to medical care and health promotion
  • Education

Maison Chance Canada

5830 Canseau, St-Léonard, Québec, H1P 1H9 Canada