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A visit of Thien Tam Fund (VINGROUP) to Maison Chance Daknong

The early April days came with colorful sunshine to the highland of Vietnam where welcome brothers and sisters of our Project Office. Yes, we get back to our huge project, Maison Chance Daknong.

With the suggestion of Ms. Phan Thu Huong (VINGROUP Representative) and Mr. Ly Minh Tuan (Thien Tam Fund CEO), Ms. Tim Aline Rebeaud and members of Project Office have a funny journey to our new home, to share together how to help Vietnamese unfortunates.

Some handicapped members from Maison Chance HCMC join us also, they would live here! Specially, it’s Chung, the orphan mental handicapped person who was received from this poor village 5 years ago is now get a permission to come back to his home, more than 8 of his relatives are here just to see him.

From 4AM, people are ready to start, toward the new home where they are taken care, learnt, and got healthier. The laughs great dozens of visitors … Many families consider this is a countryside trip far away that they have never had before.

When we arrive, the Multipurpose room are crowded with the locals. They are the new members and their families, compose around 40 person. Same day, our HR department interviewed some positions for this new center.

About 10AM, Ms. Huong and Mr. Tuan join a tour guided by Ms. Tim around the site. Ms. Tim shows them with details.

After that, they have lunch together.

Then, every new member receive a gift from Ms.Tim, they are all happy and moved. They wait for the opening of the center…

The sunset come quickly, the pupils don’t want to leave here… They play for the whole afternoon without taking nap but still they want to stay. The adults save their feeling deep in their eyes…

The minority villages open their arm to hold their members back home, but in our heart, there remains the sound of the pupils who say “…our school now is so far, we are waiting one day we can come to this school, and live at Tim’s house”. This is also a motivation for us to fasten for the opening of the center.

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