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Maison Chance Dak Nong’s library

After months of social distancing, the 153 children from Maison Chance Dak Nong have returned to school. It was a great joy to be reunited with their teachers and classmates.

Here, not only knowledge, but also cultural and sports activities await them. An activity appreciated by children is reading. For these children, most of whom come from disadvantaged ethnic families in the region, finding so many books is a whole new experience. With enthusiasm and curiosity, they flip through the pages, read the words carefully.

At the library of Maison Chance Dak Nong, there are mainly comics, stories, novels for children. There are also books for disabled adults living at the center. More than a leisure activity, Maison Chance hopes to cultivate a taste for reading in children. An effective way to enrich themselves, both spiritually, emotionally.

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