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The Visit Of The Ambassador Of France at Maison Chance

On June 1, we had the honor of welcoming distinguished guests to Maison Chance. Mr. Nicolas Warnery, the French Ambassador to Vietnam, along with Ms. Emmanuelle Pavillon-Grosser, the Consul General of France in HCMC, and Ms. Frédérique Horn, the Director of the French Institute in HCMC, visited our organization to learn more about our work.

During their visit, they had the opportunity to explore our vocational training rooms and gain insights into the various activities we offer. The Ambassador and team were deeply impressed by Maison Chance’s unwavering commitment to providing housing, education, and medical care to our beneficiaries. The delegation hopes to have more projects that will support community development and sustainability in the future.

This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in the close relationship between the French Ambassador and Maison Chance. The visit exemplified the genuine concern and compassion of the French Embassy towards Maison Chance, a place where no one is left behind.

Translate: Y Nam and Toan Nguyen