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Voluntary students from HKUGA collegue, Hong Kong

On March 22nd 2018, a group of students from HKAUG spent a meaningful day at Village Chance and Take Wing Center. The group consists of 48 high-school students and 5 teachers.

In the morning, the students learned about daily activities of the handicapped at Maison Chance. Surprised and respectful eyes were shown from everyone when they saw the handicapped overcome their bodies’ difficulties to work with their willingness and strong focus to complete their works in the workshops of Fine Arts, Garment, Semi Precious Stone, IT and Painting. The students are very excited when buying products from Garment workshop and Art workshop. These products would definitely become unforgettable memories in their student life. Every time they will see it, it will light up their motivation to overcome their challenges in their lives.

In the afternoon, the students visited Village Chance and had lunch. They were so eager to give Village Chance a hand to clean the school after lunch. The working day was full of laughs and sharing. Although the weather was quite hot, the students weren’t tired. The teachers and the tour guides of the group also joined with dedicated and enthusiastic spirit from voluntary hearts.

During the two last hours of the day, the group was divided into smaller groups to practice English with pupils at Village Chance with the guidance from the Hong Kong teachers.

Good bye…is not The End. This is the beginning of other yearly visits as planned.