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Christmas at Maison Chance!

In Maison Chance, Christmas has been celebrated joyously amongst a cheerful family and happy kids! A unique experience here in Vietnam!

Christmas in Maison Chance is an outstanding event where celebration here is unlike any other place in the western world. Outside in the street, decorations are set up at every corner with big nativity crib scene including statues, shepherds and animals, feeling the Christmas spirit. Additionally, there are a lot of sparkling lighting decorations up on the streets and in front of houses, turning typical Vietnamese streets into joyful Christmas area.

Unlike Christmas in France, where most of the celebration takes place at home with traditional home cooked meals and family gathering, here at Maison Chance, we celebrated the event outside. On Christmas evening, all Maison Chance fellows came out at the village to meet up, eat, drink together and having fun with their family. This is because Maison Chance is such a lighthearted, sociable family where Christmas celebration is finally a good opportunity for them to spend a good time, eating, drinking, singing and dancing all together. Christmas in Maison Chance is a big party!

There were, of course, presents to be shared, which also means that Santa Claus was near by, despite the hot temperatures and him wearing velvet. All the ingredients were gathered to cheer the children up with the spirit of giving. After playing Christmas games, kids rounded up for a conga line led by our official car driver!

And this is when our good old Man, Santa Claus, suddenly appeared with his magical powers and has given presents to good little boys and girls of Maison Chance! An unforgettable memory thanks to a close and warmhearted family!

Author: Grégory