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Experiencing Charity Works Helping Underprivileged People in Vietnam

The volunteers who support Maison Chance come from many different countries and are of all ages, but they all have one thing in common: they want to directly experience and participate in charity work to help the less fortunate in Vietnam.

We were delighted to welcome the Casira delegation back after a long absence due to the Covid epidemic. For many years, the delegation has been drawn to Maison Chance’s dedication to the underprivileged in Vietnam. Despite living thousands of miles away, they travel here to donate their time, money, and charitable efforts.

The delegation’s first stop was Maison Chance in Dak Nong Province. This time, they directly participated in the construction of vegetable therapy tanks for the disabled, repaired the goat stables, and donated more than ten breeding goats. Even under the harsh sun of Dak Nong Province, the members of the delegation maintained their enthusiasm and compassion. At the end of their time in Dak Nong, they gave more than 200 delicious meals for beneficiaries at the center.

Still eager to contribute more, the delegation traveled to Village Chance in Saigon to paint the walls and corridors and replace the ceiling panels for leaky apartments. In addition, the delegation also presented nearly 200 gifts to the students and households of people with disabilities living in Village Chance.

The Casira delegation is carrying out a mission of empathy by sharing in the experiences and difficulties of the Maison Chance community. Despite the language barrier, the Maison Chance beneficiaries expressed their genuine appreciation for the Casira delegation through smiles, hugs, and kisses to see the delegation off.

A simple “thank you” does not begin to express how grateful we are for what the Casira delegation has brought us. They strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others. At the end of their journey, the delegation members all shared a sense of joy because of the infectious optimism and liveliness that every Maison Chance member radiates, regardless of their disabilities or hardships. It is this spirit that makes the people in the delegation feel as if they are the ones who received more.

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