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The Project Of Installing A Solar Power System At Village Chance

Thanks to the sponsorship from the New Zealand Embassy, the project of installing a solar power system at Village Chance have been under construction from June 6th to June 24th. With a total cost of VND 35.959 USD, Maison Chance installed 130 panels, 01 Inverter with a capacity of 50kW (3P), 01 optimizer with 950W capacity, electrical supplies, DC, AC, LAN, MCB cables …and power capacity is 59.8 kWp.

Therefore, Maison Chance will save about 25% on electricity bills per month with this number can help reduce the burden of the association’s operating costs. This renewable energy source also serves the needs of education, vocational training, apartments for disabled people and other supporting activities for 390 beneficiaries at Village Chance.

Without the support of the New Zealand Embassy, the Solar power project will not be implemented. On behalf of all beneficiaries at Maison Chance, we would like to thank the New Zealand Embassy for their interest and support. We hope in the future, we will continue to receive help from the New Zealand Embassy.

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