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A Painting – A Team Effort

To express our gratitude to GAP, one of the first sponsors of our Collective Sponsorship Program, we recently initiated a small art project at Village Chance. Under the guidance of Phuong, a volunteer artist, the students from Class 4, who have been sponsored by GAP since first grade, showcased remarkable teamwork and artistic talent.

Choosing a common theme for this class of approximately thirty students proved challenging, given the diverse range of interests and styles. While some students preferred themes like football, favored by the boys, others leaned towards floral designs, typically preferred by the girls. In order to reconcile these differing preferences, we organized a show of hands vote.

After the vote, the five drawings that received the most votes were chosen to advance to the second stage. The top five little painters then had the opportunity to present their creative ideas to the jury. Speaking in front of all their classmates suddenly became a mix of excitement and embarrassment.

With the final theme decided, the class promptly began their work. A group of students took on the initial task of sketching shapes and characters on the canvas using pencils. Though their first pencil strokes were somewhat tentative, as they progressed, our young artists grew more confident in their approach.

Another group was assigned the task of adding color to the painting through tracing. Surprisingly, many boys exhibited remarkable skill and patience.

The elements and characters of the painting gradually came to life, thanks to the creativity of our little artists. At any given moment, there were always at least five or six eager hands at work, taking turns to breathe life into the canvas. A harmonious atmosphere filled the classroom, showcasing the remarkable ability of art to unite everyone.

Another surprise: at least two of our little painters are left-handed. One of them, pictured with his right hand in a cast, diligently painted the borders of the characters in the painting using his adept left hand.

And there it is, the final painting! The result of four sessions of dedicated and harmonious work. Beyond the initial objective of expressing gratitude to GAP, the project provided students with the opportunity to showcase their dreams and talents. Moreover, by painting together, the students learned how to work in a team and gained confidence in their abilities. It was truly a rewarding and joyful experience for all involved.

Artistic coordinator: Phuong NGUYEN
Project managers: Thao PHAN, Clara BOURHIS