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Don’t let the covid-19 pandemic deprive the underprivileged children of their right to an education

Since 1995, Maison Chace has provided educational classes in the Saigon suburbs for orphans and vulnerable children. Children without a birth certificate, who are too old, impoverished, or disabled to attend public schools are eligible for free education at Maison Chance. In 2005, the primary school had a number of students of up to 300.

After finishing primary school, children will obtain the same degree as regular school students at their school.

Every year at the start of the school year, the school buzzes like a beehive with children laughing, having fun with friends, and learning. However, they are unable to attend school this year due to the terrible impacts of the pandemic. Children are required to learn online at home under the Government’s Directive.

Families with both parents are also facing challenges as a result of being unemployed for months and having to rely on the community for daily meals, but the situation is far worse for underprivileged children with incomplete families. They are mostly street vendors, waste workers and lottery ticket sellers throughout the day. As a result, the children do not have the necessary equipment to engage in online learning.

Maison Chance has made an appeal and assisted with necessities for their families, but we are unable to equip the children with smartphones for online learning owing to a lack of funds as a consequence of the pandemic.

Please join hands with us to help children study online and stay on track with the program without falling behind.

After the pandemic has passed, the children will return to school as usual, with no need to study online, then we will sell these smartphones, with the proceeds going toward the expense of the school’s education. Furthermore, this helps students in avoiding the negative consequences of smartphones, such as game addiction and other similar issues.

The desired amount is VND 174,000,000 (USD 7,650) for the 58 poorest students, which is equivalent to VND 3,000,000 (USD132) per student, including network and equipment costs.

Thank you very much for your invaluable support !