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Visit of the New Zealand Embassy in Vietnam

At the end of May, Maison Chance welcomed the counseller Mr. Ryan McLane, Mr. Anh Viet of the New Zealand Embassy in Hanoi and Ms. Loi – the representative of the New Zealand Consulate in HCMC with great honour.

During the meeting, representatives from both sides discussed methods to install solar electricity panels at Village Chance, and we agreed that the project should be implemented as soon as possible. Harnessing solar energy to its full potential has a positive impact. This project is regarded as a great approach to reduce emissions while also assisting in the provision of electricity, not only cutting costs on monthly electricity bills at Village Chance, but contributing to the protection of the environment.

During this special trip, the representatives visited pupils, disabled people and their families in the Village Chance while observing the actual landscape in preparation for the launch of the solar energy project. Maison Chance is thrilled to receive attention from the New Zealand embassy for joining hands with us to aid the less fortunate. We strongly believe this project is a success and that there will be more opportunities for collaboration in the future.

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